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soccersie17: hey there!
Dens71TA: Hey
soccersie17: how r u doin?
Dens71TA: Good
Dens71TA: how about you
soccersie17: pretty good
Dens71TA: cool
soccersie17: do you happen to have a pic at all dennis?
soccersie17: lol
Dens71TA: Lol...sure....let me look
soccersie17: kdok
Dens71TA wants to send file C:\Lviewpro\me.bmp: Me
Dens71TA: Driver's license pic. Best I can do right now :-)
soccersie17 received C:\Lviewpro\me.bmp.
Dens71TA: I'll have to take a better one
soccersie17: lol it's ok
Dens71TA: I'll get one of me with my Trans Ams or something.
Dens71TA: don't like taking pics of me :-)
soccersie17: haha
soccersie17: i'm the same way
soccersie17: alright sorry if i ask you some questions, i'm still refreshing my memory here lol
soccersie17: where are you from?
Dens71TA: you have lots of nice pics on Face the Jury. Look good to me anyway!
Dens71TA: Sun Prairie, Wisc
soccersie17: thanks :-)
Dens71TA: no prob :-)
soccersie17: so what ya been up to?
Dens71TA: I've been fixing up one of my cars pretty much through the hole winter.
Dens71TA: taking a lot of time
Dens71TA: and money!!! lol
soccersie17: haha i bet
soccersie17: that's cool though
Dens71TA: yeah It will be nice when its done
Dens71TA: got to show it off then
soccersie17: haha
Dens71TA: you still in High school?
soccersie17: yeah, seniore
soccersie17: senior*
Dens71TA: cool
Dens71TA: thats fun
Dens71TA: I graduating in 2000
Dens71TA: Millenium class :-)
soccersie17: that's cool
soccersie17: lol nice nice
Dens71TA: do you have to take the dorky graduation test or is that for next years seniors ?
soccersie17: next years seniors
soccersie17: haha yay :-)
Dens71TA: cool that test is going to suck!
soccersie17: yeah big time
Dens71TA: I was so glad I missed that
soccersie17: same here
Dens71TA: You play soccer, eh?
soccersie17: yup yup
Dens71TA: Cool. I used to play soccer a while ago. Probably the only sport I was OK at. LOL
soccersie17: haha i stopped playin this year cuz i need $$
Dens71TA: Oh yeah? I suppose that can take up a lot of your time.
Dens71TA: what do ya gotta do at work?
soccersie17: i work at Sam Goody so i just ring up customers and stock the shelves
Dens71TA: Sounds cool.
Dens71TA: you get dicounts on music CDs?
soccersie17: yup yup
soccersie17: 40%
Dens71TA: Whoa. thats nice!
soccersie17: yeah
Dens71TA: I just work at a used office furniture store right now. booorriing.
soccersie17: lol it's okay though
soccersie17: it's a job
Dens71TA: Yeah. It really isn't that bad. Its just me and my boss so its pretty layed back. I can just go do what I want. No body tells me what to do.
soccersie17: that's sweet
Dens71TA: yeah. it sure is. I can work whatever hours I want. My boss was getting mad when I was working 12 hours a day trying to save up money :-)
soccersie17: lol
soccersie17: crazy
Dens71TA: Working 21 hours strait is crazy!
soccersie17: hell yah, i'd say so!
Dens71TA: or was it 30 hours? I dunno, I was getting pretty tired after 20!
soccersie17: lol holy shit
Dens71TA: caffeine. Lots of caffeine!
soccersie17: haha i bet
Dens71TA: Mountain Dew to the rescue!
soccersie17: lol
Dens71TA: you going to college?
soccersie17: yup down in florida
Dens71TA: Wow. Thats pretty far away
Dens71TA: don't like Wisconsin anymore?
soccersie17: lol just a good school down there
Dens71TA: oh, ok. What are you going to major in?
soccersie17: digital media
Dens71TA: Cool.
Dens71TA: is that like animation and stuff?
soccersie17: yeah
Dens71TA: neat. that sounds like it would be fun to do.
soccersie17: yeah i'm pretty psyched
Dens71TA: How long will it take to graduate from there?
soccersie17: 13 months
Dens71TA: thats not very long. Cool!
soccersie17: yeah haha
Dens71TA: thats it? you're done after that?
soccersie17: yeah it's 13 months straight, 40 hours a week
Dens71TA: thats awsome. They need more colleges like that around here!
soccersie17: haha yeah
Dens71TA: you get to animate Jurassic Park dinosaurs lol
soccersie17: lol sorta
Dens71TA: Is it like movie animation or different kind?
soccersie17: well i can use it for just about anything
Dens71TA: oh, ok
Dens71TA: sounds cool
soccersie17: haha yup yup
Dens71TA: Wow. Its almost 2 AM!
soccersie17: i know, crazy! lol
Dens71TA: I hope you don't have school tomorrow....
soccersie17: no i don't
soccersie17: just work 12-2 than goin to the lifehouse concert
Dens71TA: Cool.
Dens71TA: Lifehouse...dunno if I have heard of them..
soccersie17: are you serious?
soccersie17: Hanging By a Moment
Dens71TA: Hmmmm
Dens71TA: I probably have and just don't know it :-)
soccersie17: haha
Dens71TA: I watch VH1 and MTV so I probably have
soccersie17: it was extremely popular last year
Dens71TA: The radio stations here play like 10 songs in a row and then forget to say who any of them are.
soccersie17: lol oh ic ic
Dens71TA: All the DJ's are
soccersie17: hahaha
Dens71TA: I'm always flipping around because it seems like every station is playing comercials at the same time! I think they purposely do that ..
soccersie17: lol i never listen to the radio anymore
Dens71TA: Yeah. I have to get with the times and get a CD player in my car(s)
Dens71TA: can you even get things on cassette anymore?
soccersie17: yeah some things
soccersie17: not much though
Dens71TA: or better yet. An 8-track! LOL
soccersie17: hahaha
Dens71TA: you know what an 8-track is, right?
soccersie17: lol yes
Dens71TA: ok, just making sure. Seems like a lot of people don't anymore. I guess I'm the only one that still has a car with one. lol
Dens71TA: Here's my cars, BTW

soccersie17: lol
Dens71TA: haha, all my cars are older than me except one.
soccersie17: lol
soccersie17: niec cars
soccersie17: nice*
Dens71TA: thanks
soccersie17: np :-)
Dens71TA: well, I suppose I better go to bed. i'm going to be a zombie in the morning. I'll talk to you tomrrow or something, k ;-)
soccersie17: haha alrighty
soccersie17: gnight
Dens71TA: gnight. Sleep good when you go to bed :-)
soccersie17: thank ya, you too
Dens71TA: thanks, c ya