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IBM PS/2 FAQ | 16 color only on VGA equiped PS/2 

Most of the early PS/2s that are equiped with VGA on the planar have only 256 Kilo Bytes of VRAM. This allows 300x200 at 256 color and 640x480 at 16 color. This is the reason why it can only display 16 colors in Windows 3.x. The only way to display more than 16 colors is to install an additional video adapter in an availible expantion slot. A exception to this is the 8556 and 8557 which have what IBM called VGA+ that came standard with 256 KB VRAM and was upgradable to 512 KB. The downside to this is that the chips are very hard to find and are not the same as used on the IBM XGA Display Adapter/A. 
Last updated: 2-18-98