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Client Series, COBOL/2, COBOL/370, COBOL/400*, Colorview, Common User Access, CommonView, Critique*, CT, CT/2, CUA, Current, CustomPac, DATA COLLECTION EDITION, DATABASE 2, DATABASE 2 OS/400, DatagLANce, DataGuide, DataHub, DataPropagator, DataRefresher, DataStructure Series, DataTrade*, DB2*, DB2/2, DB2/400, DB2/6000, DevelopMate*, DFDSM, DFSMS, DFSMS/MVS, DFSMS/VM, DFSMSdfp, DFSMSdss, DFSMShsm, DFSMSrmm, DFSORT, DirectTalk*, DirectTalk/2, DirectTalk/6000, Discover/Education, DisplayWrite Assistant, DisplayWrite*, Distributed Application Environment, Distributed Automation Edition, Distributed Database Connection Services/2, Distributed Relational Database Architecture, Document Retrieval Assistant, DProp, Drawing Assistant, DrawMaster*, DRDA, DualStor, DXT, DXT/D1, EAGLE SCAN*, Easystrike*, ECFORMS*, ECKD, Education/Express, EduQuest, Electrographic*, Electronic Marketplace*, Enterprise System/3090, Enterprise System/4381, Enterprise System/9000*, Enterprise System/9370, Enterprise Systems Architecture/370, Enterprise Systems Architecture/390, Enterprise Systems Connection Architecture*, Environmental Self Assessment Program, EOCF/2, ES/3090, ES/4381, ES/9000, ES/9370, ESA/370, ESA/390, ESAP*, ESCON XDF, ESCON*, EtherStreamer, ExecJet*, expEDIte, Explore/Education, Extended Services for OS/2*, Extended Services*, FAA, Facsimile Support/400, FastRef, FASTService*, FaxConcentrator, FFST, FFST/MVS, FFST/2, FFST/3990, FFST/400, Filing Assistant*, Financial Application Architecture, First Failure Support Technology, First Failure Support Technology/MVS, First Failure Support Technology/2, First Failure Support Technology/3990, First Failure Support Technology/400, FlowMark, FORTRAN/2, FORTRAN/400*, FunctionPac, GDDM*, GEARBOX*, geoGPG RTF, geoGPG/6000, geoManager*, geoManager/6000, Graphics Assistant, graPHIGS, GXT1000, GXT150L, GXT150M, HACMP/6000, Hardware Configuration Definition, Hektowriter*, HelpBuy*, HelpCenter*, HelpClub, HelpLearn*, HelpWare*, Hiperbatch, Hipersorting*, Hiperspace, HiTechSoft, HPTS, HyperHelp*, HyperWise, IAA, IBM*, IBMLink, IIN, ILE, Illuminated Books and Manuscripts, ILS/400*, ImagePlus*, Imagination Made Possible*, Impactwriter*, IMS Client Server/2, IMS CS/2, IMS/ESA*, Independence Series*, InfoCrafter*, InfoExplorer, Information Assistant, Information Retrieval Symbol, Information Warehouse, InfoTrainer, InfoWindow*, Insurance Application Architecture, Integrated Language Environment, Integrated Systems Solutions, Integrating Platform*, Intelligent Printer Data Stream, IPDS, ISSC*, Knowledge Director, Knowledge Mining Center*, KnowledgeTool*, LAN Distance, LANDP, Language Environment*, LANStreamer, Library Reader, LinkWay, LoadLeveler, Macro Assembler/2, Magic Paper, Mainframe Communication Assistant, MANAGEWARE, MAPICS*, MERVA, Micro Channel*, Midware, Migrate'N'Grow, MO:DCA, MODCA, MQSeries, Multimedia Presentation Manager/2, MVS/DFP, MVS/ESA, MVS/SP, MVS/XA, MVSRJS, Mwave, NETCENTER*, NetDoor, NetReview*, NetView*, Network Problem and Change Application, NQS/MVS*, NTune, NTuneMON, NTuneNCP, Nways, OfficeVision*, OfficeVision/MVS, OfficeVision/VM, OfficeVision/2, OfficeVision/400, OPC, OpenEdition, Operating System/2*, Operating System/400*, Operational Assistant*, OS/2 Crash Protection, OS/2 32, OS/2*, OS/400*, PAL*, PALS, Paper-Like Interface, PASCAL Compiler/2, PC/XT, PCjr, PCradio*, Pennant, Pennant Systems, PerfDesk, PerformanceEdge, Person to Person, Person to Person/2*, Personal Computer AT*, Personal Computer XT, Personal Decision Series, Personal Science Laboratory*, Personal Security*, Personal System/1, Personal System/2*, Personalized Learning Series, PhoneCommunicator, Photo Graphic*, PhotoMotion*, PlanBuilder, Plant Floor Series, PlantWorks*, Plug'N'Go*, Poet*, Port-A-Punch*, Portmaster*, POWER Architecture, POWER GTO, POWER Gt1, POWER Gt3, POWER Gt3i, POWER Gt4, POWER Gt4e, POWER Gt4i, POWER Gt4x, POWER Gt4xi, POWER Team, POWER Visualization System, PowerOpen, POWERparalle, PowerPC, PowerPC Architecture, PowerPC 601, PowerPC 603, POWERserver, POWERstation, POWER2 Architecture, PR/SM, Presentation Manager*, Print Services Facility, PrintManager, ProBranch, PROCESS ANALYSIS NAVIGATION SYSTEM, ProcessMaster*, Processor Resource/Systems Manager, ProductManager, ProductPac, Professional Editor, PROFS*, Project Assistant, Proprinter*, PS/Note, PS/ValuePoint, PS/1 Club, PS/1*, PS/2*, PSF, PSF/6000, PSInet, PSL, PSL Explorer, P2P, QMF, QuickEDI*, Quickwriter*, Quiet*, Quietwriter*, RACF, REBUS* (i.e., EYE BEE M), REDEFINING PRINTING, Reporting Assistant, Repository Manager, Repository Manager/MVS*, Repository Manager/400, Resource Measurement Facility, RETAIN, RISC System/6000*, RMF, RMONitor, RPG/400*, RS/6000, RT PC*, RT Personal Computer*, RT*, S/370, S/390*, SAA*, Scalable POWERparallel Systems*, SchoolView, Screen Reader, ScreenView, SD/2, SearchManager/2, SelectaBus, Selectric Touch*, Selectric*, Series/1, Service Director*, Service Director/2*, ServicePac, ServicePlan, Skill Dynamics, SNAP/SHOT*, Software Mall*, SolutionPac*, SOMobjects, SpeechViewer, SP1, SP2, SQL/DS, SQL/400*, Storyboard, Strategic Pointer 2000 Customer Module, Strategic Pointer 2000/2, Streamer, Surepath, SwitchServer, SwitchServer/2, SXM, Sysplex Timer*, System/36, System/360, System/370, System/38, System/390*, System/88*, SystemPac*, SystemPlan, Systems Application Architecture*, Systems Validation Services, SystemView*, SystemXtra, TeamFocus*, The Integrated Reasoning Shell*, THINK*, THINKable*, ThinkPad Proven, ThinkPad*, Timation*, Time and Place, TIRS*, TopView*, Touch Activity Center, TouchMobile, TouchSelect, TrackPoint, TrackPoint II, Trouble Ticket, Turboways, tuTOURial, Ultimedia*, Ultimotion, VALE, ValuePoint, Virtual Machine/Enterprise Systems Architecture, Virtual Machine/Extended Architecture, VisualAge, VisualInfo, VM/ESA*, VM/XA, Voice Management Facility/2, Voice/Phone Assistant, VoiceType, VSE/ESA, VTAM*, Wheelwriter*, WIN-OS/2, WindowTool, WindSurfer, Working Paper...Not Paper Work*, WorkPad, Workplace Shell*, WorkStation One*, Writers' Assistant*, Writing Assistant, Writing to Read*, Writing to Write*, XGA*, xHLLAPI, Xstation Manager*, XT, X25Net, 24 Hour City Hall*, 3090, 400*, 9076 SP1, 9076 SP2